Get Rid of Those Paper Punch Cards & Go Digital Instead…


Digital Punch Card

State of the Art
Mobile Smart Stamp

The only mobile loyalty program with a smart stamp dedicated to your business.


Reliable Punches to insure accurate rewards.

It’s More than just a Customer Loyalty App



Mobile Loyalty App

Digital Punch Card

Get rid of the old punch cards and make room for the New Digital Punch Card System that customers can keep on their smartphones.



Tablet Check in App

Tablet Loyalty

Customers check in with their phone number at the counter for their stamp. Tablet App will add their stamp and show any rewards earned.



Custom Branded

We customize your Mobile & Tablet Apps with your business name, colors & logo.



Mobile Rewards

Send your customers text messages directly to their smartphones with the SMS Text feature. Increase your sales during slow times.



Social Rewards

Allow your customers to earn more rewards by helping you promote your deals on their social media accounts. Gain New Customers fast!



Grow Subscribers

Continually promote your business and grow your customer list. The larger the list, the larger the rewards for your business when you send out text messages.






sms messaging



Our Digital Punch Card does all this for you!


We will setup & create your Mobile and Tablet Apps, No Charge!

We will setup your SMS text messaging platform, No Charge!


And There Is NO RISK…


The Digital Punch Card Platform with with 100 punch cards and all of our features is Free to use for any Business. You simply supply text message credits as you need them. Text message credits rollover and never expire.



No Contracts! * No Commitments! * Cancel Anytime!

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