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SMS Text Message Marketing


Text Message Credits are used to send your customers their alerts for rewards that they have earned.


ex. When someone enters their phone number or scans your QR Code to sign up to become a Loyalty Reward Customer, generally the business would give a free gift to the customer in exchange for you to be able to send them text messages. They will receive a text message with your free offer to sign up! Thats 1 Text Credit. If you sign up 100 customers then you would need 100 Text Credits in your account to do that.


Also when you send out a SMS Text Special, that will count as how ever many customers you have on your customer list. 300 customers in your data base, 300 Text Credits.


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Plus there are several ways to auto send messages. For ex. If you collect birthdays when they sign up for your rewards program, you can setup an auto text that goes out 7 days before their birthday (or however many days you set it up to go out) with a special just for them! That is 1 Text Credit each time.


You can setup an auto text that would go out to customers a certain amount of days after their last punch. For ex. A customer visits your store and gets a punch on his/her punch card on Feb 21st. You could setup an auto text to go out 3 days after their last punch (or however many days you set it up to go out). So on Feb 24th they would receive the auto text with your offer to get them to come back and redeem your offer. That is 1 Text Credit each time.


So it is a good thing to carry adequate Text Credits to run your loyalty program.


This is how to get more repeat customers coming into your store on auto pilot!


All Text Credits come with Unlimited Rollover and Do Not Expire!


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