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      • Do you need to Increase your business revenue?
      • Need to build a better repeat customer business?
      • Do you need to get more New customers?


Do You Have a Customer List? If not your losing money!


A Customer List Helped Me…

    • Build your Customer Loyalty & Relationships!
    • Significantly Increase the revenue of your business!
    • Saved me $$ on other marketing campaigns!
    • Saved me & my employees time by keeping track of our Customer List & Rewards for us!


Hi, My Name is Mike

    • Like me, Every business owner faces the same problems we do with trying to build revenue from new & repeat customers.
    • We try expensive radio ads, tv ads, print media, internet advertising, email campaigns, etc. And probably get some results but its EXPENSIVE!
    • The problem with these are that they are not immediate results and we didn’t have the money to be laying out a lot of money for tv or radio!
    • Ex: If you are having a sale and want to advertise, you have to make a commercial and pay for it, then wait for them to run your ad etc.
    • Its expensive, takes a long time and you may or may not get results!


So what do you do?

    • Well we tried Paper Punch Cards to get our repeat customers & we found that, customers were forging the stamps, losing the punch cards and needed a new one but we had no way of knowing how many punches they had etc.
    • Created more headaches then it was worth to be honest, but it did work.
    • We had sales going on each day but only the customers that came into the store each day got to see the deals we had! We were losing money that way!
    • We had customers but no list of them any where!


That’s when a friend of mine said…

    • Try SMS text message marketing!
    • So we did!
    • That worked well bringing in repeat customers, our revenues increased significantly and consistently! But we still needed a way to get new customers from SMS texts or punch cards! We were just stagnant with our same customers all the time!


What we did next…

    • So I spoke with another friend Brian who does computer programming for a living a he came up with, a Digital Punch Card on a Customized Mobile App.
    • It will send out SMS Text Messages to all of our Customers in an instant!
    • It also keeps track of their punch card rewards so we don’t have to.
    • Its all done by the customers phone number.
    • BUT! We can have our customers post our ad on their Social Media Account
    •  (for a reward of course!)
    • New Customers (Our Customers Facebook Friends & Family) were using the Facebook ads from our customers posts! We were getting a lot of new customers that we instantly signed them up on the rewards program.
    • Our customers Love It! They can see their rewards right on their smartphone.
    • No more lost punch cards.
    • Our Sales & Customer List Literally Doubled.




So we would like to help other Small Business Owners Like Us, Organize & Monetize their Customer List!


I know that without the help I received, I never would have been able to feel financially comfortable and to spend more time with my family. So… We wanted to help out and give back to the small business owners that give to their communities. The more financially stable you feel, the more you can pay it forward as well!



With a Customer list & our Punch Card SMS Marketing system its possible raise revenue by…

    • Keeping track of your customer list in your secure admin area!
    • Instantly let your customers know that you have deals today!
    • Give your customers rewards for visiting your business!
    • Do Birthday Specials for customers! 
    • Reward customers for sharing your deals on social media!
    • Encourage more frequent visits from your customers!
    • Gain New Customers!
    • Have your Mobile App Icon right on their SmartPhone!





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